aestesis Elektronika - Live VJ Software

Elektronika Live is the intuitive free VJ software for visual performers.

This powerful, modular software will have you designing live visuals for your performances within minutes.

Create your own live video compositions using your Windows PC. Just plug together modules from the list of over 30.

Elektronika Live is also a midi video station, designed for the needs of live audio/video performers.




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We realize custom development on Elektronika.
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plugin SDK for third party developer


Creative Commons License

It represents the easiest and fastest way to create stunning live video animations.


video - use your graphics card's video out system for video projectors (where supported).

audio - use audio-in capability to synchronise your visual performance or play, scratch and mix audio/video files.

flash - create or use flash movies that can be synchronised to audio-in.

midi - fullcontrol of Elektronika Live using a midi controller, computer keyboard and internal or external sequencer.

sequencer - internal sequencer synchronized on audio beat matching, midi sync or manual setting.

firewire - capture live video from DVcam via firewire, webcam etc.

capture - capture content live from the desktop using grab technology.


Create your own video studio by assembling effects, players and mixer modules.


open system - third party software developers can develop modules for Elektronika Live.

freeframe - full support for free and commercial plugins.

video effects - layering, keying, scratching, looping, wipes etc.

visualiser - integrate existing visualisers such as Windows media player and WinAmp.

3D - use 3D capabilities of your video card to make 3D effects.



- needed configuration -
windows XP, Vista, Seven (32 or 64bits)
directX 9.0c, Quicktime

- recommended configuration -
intel quad core, ram 4Gbytes, geforce 9800



contact: aestesis